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Roofing and solar experts founded Solbrana's family of companies to address the shortcomings of traditional rooftop solar in the commercial and industrial building sectors. By leveraging their collective knowledge with the top legal, tax, roofing and solar firms, Solbrana created a revolutionary process that provides commercial building owners a way to turn a traditional expense into a profit generating asset. 

Solbrana has successfully combined commercial roofing, renewable energy, advanced engineering and generous government incentives and revolutionized commercial rooftop economics with our patented SRS(Solar Roof System).


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Traditionally a commercial roofing is a capital expense with no financial returns. Through our patented system, the SRS combines a standard commercial single-ply membrane roof system with a standard solar PV system as an "inseparable engineered system". Our patented installation method allows the roof to leverage the 30% investment tax credit and 100% bonus depreciation historically reserved for solar PV.

Solbrana has partnered with the leading national legal, tax, roofing and solar firms in this space to make this a simple and seamless endeavor for our clients.

Compatible with all single ply roofs

Compatible with all solar pv systems

Lightweight non-penetrating system

Designed for any environment

Generous tax incentives

Increased operating revenue

Reduced maintenance costs

20+ year system warranties



With decades of experience and deep relationships in commercial roofing and renewable energy Solbrana has a solution that will dramatically improve the results of your project. We work with commercial building owners, the design community and solar finance companies to achieve the highest returns possible on commercial roofing and solar projects.

Assist in determining the needs of the client, the project and it’s projected financial viability:

- Coordinate with project staff

- Determine project needs

- Review all utility, state & federal incentives

- Assemble project estimate

Advise on specifications for a qualified SRS system and the coordination of experts for implementation of the project:

- Assist With Roofing Specifications

- Assist with PV System Specifications

- Coordinate Contractor Introductions (If Necessary)

- Review Financing Options

Coordinate project cost verification specialized legal, accounting and financing services (if applicable):

- Coordinate Legal & Tax Professionals

- Project Cost Segregation

- Project Legal Opinions (if applicable)

- Project Finance (if applicable)

- Project Owners Rep Services (if applicable)

- Project EPC Services (if applicable)


Our approach is tailored

to your project in a 3 step simple process.



Solbrana Financial provides our clients with an exciting new way to take full advantage of commercial roofing by incorporating solar energy as an inseparable engineered component. Solbrana has retained and partnered with the top legal and tax firms in the country to validate our process. We offer our clients an extensive range of financial products for our SRS™(Solar Roof System) to ensure the customer is covered in every aspect of the transaction and it is efficient.

Provide design specifications & background for the legal and technical documentation supporting the general conclusion that Solbrana’s proprietary system qualifies for preferential tax treatment.

Coordinate cost segregation services from accounting professionals to ensure the calculation of tax credits is accurate on the project

Coordinate the securing of independent legal opinions tailored to the client’s project's individual circumstances

Introduce third party tax insurance providers*



Solbrana Development offers turn-key services to our clients that make procurement of their SRS™(Solar Roof System) seamless and easy. Solbrana’s deep ties and experience in the commercial roofing and solar industries give your company peace of mind. Our seasoned staff is proficient in every aspect of roofing and solar and can work with your company to achieve their goals whether it be a limited or full scope of work.

Provide project or portfolio assessment services to determine the projects financial viability

Provide design, specification, RFP coordination and other ancillary services to make the procurement process seamless

Coordinate one or more of the engineering, procurement and construction services needed for commercial roofing and solar projects

Coordinate project finance that work with our client’s needs whether it be third party owned systems or client owned systems